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OZ Seat

The OZ seat is a superb reflection of minimalism in pivotal seat design. The concept in the beginning was to sink the pivotal ratchet deeper into the seat base to give a cleaner look from the side. We also took the opportunity to optimise the support webs inside the molding to make the seat formidably strong. There are a lot of pivotal seats out there, but nothing comes close to the OZ.


100% poly propylene, cordura, denim or corduroy topcover / pivotal system

Black, Blue, Camouflage, Black Denim and Black Corduroy

Custom developed shape and base construction / designed by éclat / available in slim and fat padded versions

Weight (slim padded)
301g (10.61oz : 0.66lbs)

Weight (fat padded)
340g (11.99oz : 0.74lbs)